Here you will find construction work that may impact travel on City streets (public right-of-way).

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The Interactive Cone Zone Map CLICK HERE

The Public Works Department regularly identifies planned construction work on Major City Streets. To view a map of work in progress, click on the link above.

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For any project not listed in the current report or for work taking place on minor or residential streets, please use the search function below to determine who is working on the street in question.

Construction Project Search

This search function will assist our residents, businesses, and customers determine who are working on City streets (public right-of-way). It searches multiple databases to present a list of permits and construction projects that have been approved for work on City streets.

In the first search box, enter the name of the street you are interested in. Only enter the street name, not the prefix or suffix.

Example: For projects on East Taylor Street, just enter TAYLOR.

The second search box is available to reference a cross street. Please note, the permit may not reference that particular cross street.

For the best search results, enter a street name in the first search box and use the second to narrow down a long list of projects.